My Five Favorite Father's Day Gifts

With Father’s Day just around the corner here are my 5 favorite gift ideas:

Thumbprint Mug – Daddy and me. So adorable! And so easy.

Painted Rock – Daddy Rocks - Go on a nature walk (see blog post below) and let your child choose a rock that they want to paint.  Then let them paint the rock any way that pleases them. You can write the words on the rock when they are done.

Superhero Dad –Your toddler’s handprint and footprint. So fun! There are lots of hand print ideas out there but I am partial to superheroes.

Matching Outfits – When I was five years old I vividly remember wearing a matching yellow seersucker dress and kerchief with my Mom. Such a wonderful memory.  To this day I am crazy for yellow seersucker. Dads like to do this too. My neighbor told me that her son and husband like to wear matching high top sneakers. How cute is that!

Photo Collage  - It’s amazing what a toddler can say so make it a lasting memory. You can make a photo collage out of it. Or you can prompt them with questions like this example below. Either way it’s a forever treasure as they are only little once!

So there you have it. Simple, fun and meaningful gifts from your toddler to the world’s greatest Dad. Enjoy!

By Kathy Minton/Happy Owl Kid Apps