Favorite Family Picnic Treats

One of my favorite summer memories is sitting under a splendid oak tree looking up at the green leaves and blue sky eating a perfect peanut butter and fluffernutter sandwich. Peanut butter and fluff makes for a satisfying meal as you have your dessert and lunch all in one meal.

However if you’re looking for snacking picnic options here are some of the best and easiest treats to take along:

Trail mix – An assortment of favorite nuts, dried cranberry, whole grain pretzels and dried banana chips is one of my favorites. Let your child pick a handful from each to make up individual packets.

 Chopped veggies – have your toddler pack them up. You can never go wrong with carrots or celery and they are so easy for dipping.

 Fruit skewers – arrange by color – all green or all red. So fun to eat.

And if you’re looking for something sweet:

Graham crackers with vanilla, multi-colored or chocolate frosting. Your toddler can help spread the frosting on the crackers.

 So go outside and enjoy the summer!

by Kathy Minton/ Happy Owl Kid Apps