Matching Game

Can you match the hidden ladybugs? Can you find the fruits and vegetables and pair them up with each other? Play the matching game with Rusty and use your memory to get the right answers.  And when you do there will be a reward!


Fun Facts

Did you know that a squirrel's teeth NEVER stop growing? Search Rusty's Treehouse with him to find more fascinating fun facts all about squirrels!



Color Game

Learn all about colors with Rusty!  Pick the orange shell and the pink ribbon and help Rusty fill his nest with his favorite colorful things. And when you've done that, there will be a reward specially for you!


Catch a Falling Acorn

Help Rusty catch 10 acorns in his basket - but watch out! Those pesky acorns can bounce off Rusty's head if you're not careful! 



My Favorite Things 

When you've played all our exciting games with Rusty and caught 10 acorns in his basket Rusty has a special treat for you - your very own sticker page that you can fill with all your favorite things!



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