[iOS App] Rusty’s Treehouse – All About Squirrels (by Happy Owl)


Happy Owl Media came out with a game for kids on iOS, and after both my kids and I played with the digital copy they gave me, I can confidently say that I think this app is amazing.To put this app to the test, I downloaded the device and handed my iPad Mini over to 1.0, the eldest, who at the time of this review had just turned age six. I asked him to play around with it and let me watch him play so I could write a blog post on it. He was more than happy to comply. Below are some screenshots of his experience and personal progress with the game, with a summary of the app following.

Overall, this is a great app for kids. It’s simple enough for my two-year-old to play, which colors and friendly graphics to keep the kiddo entertained and excited. At the same time, the components provide a challenge for my six-year-old as well, which suggests the rating of 5 and younger is a soft, yet accurate, rating. Apart from the minor bug that did not ruin any gameplay, the app is solid and loads quickly. The ultimate score of the app to me is that it brought a smile to my family’s faces, which is a win for all parents. Bringing fun and learning together, this app is a great addition to tablets.

Check out Happy Owl directly and learn about the games in Rusty’s Treehouse here. Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.


Jonathan Esterman